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About the Artist

Judith Baer is a California wearable artist based in Torrance. Art to wear is the ultimate means of expressing her creativity, combining her skills of painting, patternmaking and sewing into one piece of art. As the great designer Balenciaga is quoted, ďA good couturier must be an architect for the drawings, a sculptor for the form, a painter for the color, a musician for the harmony, and a philosopher for the tone."

Baer has been working in art and fashion since she was juried into the San Diego Conservatory of Art while still in high school. Her fashion interests led to a thirty-year career as a designer and production patternmaker in the garment industry. She worked for such designers as Carole Little and Nancy Johnson.

From hand painted silk chiffon draped wraps, pieced jackets, trapunto vests, and embroidered soft sculptured purses, her ideas and creativity are unlimited. One piece of art work leads to another, inspiring her creative process.

She loves the craftsmanship of starting with a solid piece of fabric and embellishing it with dyes, paints, and threads. Baer then takes that flat fabric and sculptures it into a three dimensional object. Ethnic garments, intricate haute couture sewing and designers such as Vionnet, Etre' and Fortuny inspire her.